Hot-Melt Adhesives

Tailored Chemical Products has manufactured hot melt adhesives for decades. In 2012, we expanded our manufacturing capability by building a new 100,000 square foot hot melt facility in Hickory, North Carolina. We have the capabilities to manufacture hot melt adhesives in pellets, chubs and drums with a number of different packaging options available.


Our Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) line offers versatile products that can be formulated to meet a wide range of applications. We can "tailor" these adhesives to vary the viscosity and control the set time as well as the open time. EVAs are widely used in general packaging, case and carton sealing, filter manufacturing, and other product assembly applications.


We manufacture a full line of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSA) ranging from general purpose PSA's to highly specified formulations that are "tailored" for specific applications and substrates. Common applications include: bottle labeling, non-woven construction, removable "bugger" or fugitive glues, laminations, envelope converting and product assembly.


We also offer Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefin (APAO) hot melts. Our various formulations offer set times that range from a few seconds to several minutes. These adhesives offer higher heat resistance and increased chemical resistance, as well as better thermal stability compared to EVA hot melts. These adhesives are commonly used in the manufacture of nonwovens, furniture and cabinets, case and cartons, product assembly, athletic shoes, mattress fabrication, feminine hygiene products and diapers.

Metallocene mPE & mPP

Mettalocene adhesives are a relatively new innovation in adhesives. We offer a full line of mettalocene adhesives that can eliminate many common adhesive problems such as charring, plugged nozzles and filters, odor, and stringing. In addition, these formulations, through their lower density and aggressive bond nature, can greatly reduce the amount of adhesive you use per box and significantly reduce your total cost in use. Please see our case study to learn more about how Tailored's Metallocene adhesives can benefit your operations.


Our Polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives options are suitable for applications in the woodworking, graphic arts, and panel lamination industries.