Why Us

Founded in 1977, Tailored Chemical Products is a leading mid-sized manufacturer of adhesives based in Hickory, North Carolina. The company that began as a small adhesives manufacturer in a 4,000 square foot facility, has now grown to four strategically located production centers in North Carolina, giving us a total of 325,000 square feet of manufacturing space. We manufacture a full line of hot melts, water-based glues, emulsion polymers, mastics, urea and synthetic resins and other specialty chemicals for any industrial application. If we don't already make the adhesive you're seeking, we have the in-house expertise to formulate an adhesive "Tailored" to your needs.

Tailored Chemical Products is a company committed to customer satisfaction and versatility in product design. We do not have the attitude of "one size fits all." Rather, we exhibit a willingness that is unparalleled in the industry to "think outside the box" - to adapt new or improved adhesive technologies and ideas into every product we manufacture. We are confident in our ability to offer the best customized and comprehensive adhesive solutions to every customer.

Check out our Case Studies for real examples of the positive impact we've made on the production challenges our customers faced. Then Contact Us to learn how we can assist with your adhesive requirements.